Skills & Experience

To optimise the efficiency of the offsite process and allow our clients to maximise the technological  advancements  during the construction phase and throughout the in-service performance of the building - Cogent ensures that these benefits are communicated to both our clients and shared throughout their supply chain.

Our organisation has the specialist expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls by:

  • Providing help and advice in a rapidly developing market
  • Helping to choose from offsite manufacturers of varying capabilities and capacities
  • Assisting your organisation to overcome the challenges of a new market
  • Providing effective design co-ordination – optimising DfMA
  • Ensuring design specification matches performance requirements
  • Managing interfaces between offsite construction systems
  • Facilitating smooth commissioning and hand-over
  • Ensuring durability of selected systems

A Global Network

Cogent has close links in the US, Japan and continental Europe, as well as extensively throughout the UK - ensuring our clients benefit from the best supply chain knowledge in the sector. By gaining the widest range of exposure to innovative construction techniques across the globe, our clients benefit from the levels of service associated with a specialist practice and have access to the resources and expertise of the most dynamic consultancy in this rapidly advancing sector.