Management Systems

Assisting offsite manufacturers to implement the most effective and efficient operating management systems.

We work closely with you to review and create tailored company management systems that carefully balance process requirements and staff abilities.

Business Management Systems implemented to recognised Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are designed to be compatible and documents such as PAS99 (Specification for Integration of Common Management Systems) provides a framework for them to be seamlessly integrated. They share many principles so choosing an ‘integrated management system’ from the outset can offer excellent value for money.

Cogent Consulting can develop a bespoke management system on your behalf or can help tailor your existing management system to your particular needs. We specialise in systems complying with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and PAS99 standards, plus BOPAS compliance.

Combined with our wide range of management systems expertise, we can help clients to maximise the benefits of a formal approach to the management of common business systems

We will work with your staff to ensure all documents and procedures are user-friendly, as well as providing training on the best process for completing each procedure and audit the systems to review satisfaction

For some organisations, separate systems are appropriate, whereas others require full integration. Whatever your situation, we can support your strategy development and implementation through our range of services.

The Benefits:

  • Value for money - one document set to administrate
  • Bespoke management system reflecting operational preferences
  • Upskilling your staff for procedures and audit systems
  • Win more work through operating at the highest standards

We Can Help With:

  • Policy Development - research and analysis of information to produce recommendations, creating an evaluation of options against a set of criteria
  • Gap Analysis of Existing Management Systems - identifying and understanding deficiencies in current management systems in terns of compliance to Standards
  • Initial Management Review - review of current management systems with a detailed plan of improvement
  • Identification of Significant Health, Safety and Environmental Risks - helping to ensure the safest work environment possible, relevant to industry standards and best practice
  • Clarification of Health, Safety and Environmental Legal Requirements - identifying potential non-compliance and developing action plans accordingly
  • Systems Design and Development - ensuring optimal compliance and efficiency
  • Procedure Writing - developing business management systems
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators and Continual Improvement Programmes - ensuring dynamic business improvement
  • Auditor and Awareness Training - imparting skills and developing in-house resources
  • Pre-Certification Audits - ensuring compliance ahead of third-party assessment
  • Environmental Management Systems - ensuring full compliance with applicable standards
  • Integrated Management Systems - carefully balanced process integration aligning quality, environmental and health & safety requirements with efficient operating processes

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