Offsite Supply Chain Management

Providing independent and contemporary advice on the best procurement routes to ensure an integrated procurement process.

Cogent can offer support to ensure a well-managed, visible offsite technology supply-chain – allowing for a strong compliance record, with exposure to risk kept to a minimum.

As well as mitigating risk, effective supply-chain management provides a distinct advantage in this competitive industry. Our connections within the offsite industry will help you to effectively tackle risks associated with suppliers through collaborative working to apply common standards required of all contractors.

Through enhanced collaboration and understanding of your needs, we will help to measure, assess and optimise business performance across the entire supply chain. We will support the design and implementation of innovative supply-chain solutions that better align resources with mission-critical objectives, reduce unproductive complexity, increase investment in strategic imperatives while eliminating non-value added costs and rationalise proposed budgets and resources.

Our support covers:

  • Product/system identification
  • Supplier assessments
  • Supplier Audits
  • Procurement Planning
  • Supply Logistics
  • Continuous Improvement

The Benefits:

  • Reduced real costs, with margins maintenance
  • Incentive to remove waste from the process
  • Greater certainty of out-turn costs
  • Delivery of better underlying value to the client
  • More repeat business with key clients
  • Greater confidence in longer-term planning

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