Product Validation/Certification

Ensuring our clients achieve the most comprehensive and exhaustive offsite system approvals - with greater integrity.

At Cogent, we often see many products, systems and services – all having complete authenticity via the UK and European harmonisation, yet many bodies and end-users still ask for Third Party Accreditation or additional analytical or theoretical documentation to support their end-use.

Our expert consultants have many years of engagement with assessors/accreditors and industry bodies that insist on a product or service being fit for purpose and we understand the needs of these organisations when assessing offsite technologies ensuring not only ‘fitness for purpose’ but also ‘future-proofing’.

We can help with:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Third Party Product Approvals e.g. BBA and BOPAS
  • Product Risk Analysis
  • Feasibility reports and certification budgeting

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